Class PFPathingEntity

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@Internal public final class PFPathingEntity extends Object implements
  • Constructor Details

    • PFPathingEntity

      public PFPathingEntity(Navigator navigator)
  • Method Details

    • age

      public int age()
      Specified by:
      age in interface
    • bound

      public boolean bound()
      Specified by:
      bound in interface
    • searchRange

      public float searchRange()
      Specified by:
      searchRange in interface
    • setSearchRange

      public void setSearchRange(float searchRange)
      Changes the search range of the entity
      searchRange - the new entity's search range
    • isFireResistant

      public boolean isFireResistant()
    • setFireResistant

      public void setFireResistant(boolean fireResistant)
    • isCautious

      public boolean isCautious()
    • setCautious

      public void setCautious(boolean cautious)
    • isClimber

      public boolean isClimber()
    • setClimber

      public void setClimber(boolean climber)
    • isSwimmer

      public boolean isSwimmer()
    • setSwimmer

      public void setSwimmer(boolean swimmer)
    • isAquatic

      public boolean isAquatic()
    • setAquatic

      public void setAquatic(boolean aquatic)
    • isAvian

      public boolean isAvian()
    • setAvian

      public void setAvian(boolean avian)
    • isAquaphobic

      public boolean isAquaphobic()
    • setAquaphobic

      public void setAquaphobic(boolean aquaphobic)
    • isAvoidsDoorways

      public boolean isAvoidsDoorways()
    • setAvoidsDoorways

      public void setAvoidsDoorways(boolean avoidsDoorways)
    • isOpensDoors

      public boolean isOpensDoors()
    • setOpensDoors

      public void setOpensDoors(boolean opensDoors)
    • capabilities

      public capabilities()
      Specified by:
      capabilities in interface
    • moveTo

      public void moveTo(com.extollit.linalg.immutable.Vec3d position, passibility, gravitation)
      Specified by:
      moveTo in interface
    • coordinates

      public com.extollit.linalg.immutable.Vec3d coordinates()
      Specified by:
      coordinates in interface
    • width

      public float width()
      Specified by:
      width in interface
    • height

      public float height()
      Specified by:
      height in interface