Interface ItemMeta

All Superinterfaces:
TagReadable, Writeable

public sealed interface ItemMeta extends TagReadable, Writeable
  • Method Details

    • getTag

      <T> @UnknownNullability T getTag(@NotNull @NotNull Tag<T> tag)
      Description copied from interface: TagReadable
      Reads the specified tag.
      Specified by:
      getTag in interface TagReadable
      Type Parameters:
      T - the tag type
      tag - the tag to read
      the read tag, null if not present
    • with

      @Contract(value="_, -> new", pure=true) @NotNull @NotNull ItemMeta with(@NotNull @NotNull Consumer<@NotNull ItemMeta.Builder> builderConsumer)
    • toNBT

      @NotNull @NotNull org.jglrxavpok.hephaistos.nbt.NBTCompound toNBT()
    • toSNBT

      @NotNull @NotNull String toSNBT()
    • getDamage

      @Contract(pure=true) default int getDamage()
    • isUnbreakable

      @Contract(pure=true) default boolean isUnbreakable()
    • getHideFlag

      @Contract(pure=true) default int getHideFlag()
    • getDisplayName

      @Contract(pure=true) @Nullable default @Nullable Component getDisplayName()
    • getLore

      @Contract(pure=true) @NotNull default @NotNull List<@NotNull Component> getLore()
    • getEnchantmentMap

      @Contract(pure=true) @NotNull default @NotNull Map<Enchantment,Short> getEnchantmentMap()
    • getAttributes

      @Contract(pure=true) @NotNull default @NotNull List<@NotNull ItemAttribute> getAttributes()
    • getCustomModelData

      @Contract(pure=true) default int getCustomModelData()
    • getCanDestroy

      @Contract(pure=true) @NotNull default @NotNull Set<@NotNull Block> getCanDestroy()
    • getCanPlaceOn

      @Contract(pure=true) @NotNull default @NotNull Set<@NotNull Block> getCanPlaceOn()