Class VelocityProxy


public final class VelocityProxy extends Object
Support for Velocity modern forwarding.

Can be enabled by simply calling enable(String).

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  • Constructor Details

    • VelocityProxy

      public VelocityProxy()
  • Method Details

    • enable

      public static void enable(@NotNull @NotNull String secret)
      Enables velocity modern forwarding.
      secret - the forwarding secret, be sure to do not hardcode it in your code but to retrieve it from a file or anywhere else safe
    • isEnabled

      public static boolean isEnabled()
      Gets if velocity modern forwarding is enabled.
      true if velocity modern forwarding is enabled
    • checkIntegrity

      public static boolean checkIntegrity(@NotNull @NotNull BinaryReader reader)
    • readAddress

      public static InetAddress readAddress(@NotNull @NotNull BinaryReader reader)
    • readSkin

      public static PlayerSkin readSkin(@NotNull @NotNull BinaryReader reader)