Class BrewingStandInventory

All Implemented Interfaces:
InventoryClickHandler, Taggable, TagReadable, TagWritable, Viewable

public class BrewingStandInventory extends Inventory
  • Constructor Details

    • BrewingStandInventory

      public BrewingStandInventory(@NotNull @NotNull Component title)
    • BrewingStandInventory

      public BrewingStandInventory(@NotNull @NotNull String title)
  • Method Details

    • getBrewTime

      public short getBrewTime()
      Gets the brewing stand brew time.
      the brew time in tick
    • setBrewTime

      public void setBrewTime(short brewTime)
      Changes the brew time.
      brewTime - the new brew time in tick
    • getFuelTime

      public short getFuelTime()
      Gets the brewing stand fuel time.
      the fuel time in tick
    • setFuelTime

      public void setFuelTime(short fuelTime)
      Changes the fuel time.
      fuelTime - the new fuel time in tick