Interface ObjectArray<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the type of the array

@Internal public sealed interface ObjectArray<T>
Represents an array which will be resized to the highest required index.
  • Method Details

    • singleThread

      @NotNull static <T> @NotNull ObjectArray<T> singleThread(int initialSize)
    • singleThread

      @NotNull static <T> @NotNull ObjectArray<T> singleThread()
    • concurrent

      @NotNull static <T> @NotNull ObjectArray<T> concurrent(int initialSize)
    • concurrent

      @NotNull static <T> @NotNull ObjectArray<T> concurrent()
    • get

      @UnknownNullability T get(int index)
    • set

      void set(int index, @Nullable T object)
    • remove

      default void remove(int index)
    • trim

      void trim()
    • arrayCopy

      @UnknownNullability T @NotNull [] arrayCopy(@NotNull @NotNull Class<T> type)