Class BungeeCordProxy


public final class BungeeCordProxy extends Object
BungeeCord forwarding support. Enabling BungeeGuard support with setBungeeGuardTokens(Set) helps to secure the server, but managing your firewall is still recommended.

Please consider using VelocityProxy instead.

  • Constructor Details

    • BungeeCordProxy

      public BungeeCordProxy()
  • Method Details

    • enable

      public static void enable()
      Enables bungee IP forwarding.
    • isEnabled

      public static boolean isEnabled()
      Gets if bungee IP forwarding is enabled.
      true if forwarding is enabled
    • setBungeeGuardTokens

      public static void setBungeeGuardTokens(@Nullable @Nullable Set<String> tokens)
      Sets the tokens used by BungeeGuard authentication. Setting the tokens to a not-null value enables BungeeGuard authentication, and setting it to a null value disables BungeeGuard authentication.
      tokens - The new BungeeGuard authentication tokens
    • isBungeeGuardEnabled

      public static boolean isBungeeGuardEnabled()
      Checks whether BungeeGuard authentication is enabled.
      Whether BungeeGuard authentication is enabled
    • isValidBungeeGuardToken

      public static boolean isValidBungeeGuardToken(@NotNull @NotNull String token)
      Checks whether a token is one of the valid BungeeGuard tokens
      token - The token to test
      Whether the token is a valid BungeeGuard token