Class EntityMeta

Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractArrowMeta, AbstractDisplayMeta, AbstractMinecartMeta, AreaEffectCloudMeta, BoatMeta, DragonFireballMeta, EndCrystalMeta, EvokerFangsMeta, ExperienceOrbMeta, EyeOfEnderMeta, FallingBlockMeta, FireballMeta, FireworkRocketMeta, FishingHookMeta, InteractionMeta, ItemEntityMeta, ItemFrameMeta, LeashKnotMeta, LightningBoltMeta, LivingEntityMeta, LlamaSpitMeta, MarkerMeta, PaintingMeta, PrimedTntMeta, ShulkerBulletMeta, SmallFireballMeta, SnowballMeta, ThrownEggMeta, ThrownEnderPearlMeta, ThrownExperienceBottleMeta, ThrownPotionMeta, TraderLlamaMeta, WindChargeMeta, WitherSkullMeta

public class EntityMeta extends Object
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  • Constructor Details

    • EntityMeta

      public EntityMeta(@Nullable @Nullable Entity entity, @NotNull @NotNull Metadata metadata)
  • Method Details

    • setNotifyAboutChanges

      public void setNotifyAboutChanges(boolean notifyAboutChanges)
      Sets whether any changes to this meta must result in a metadata packet being sent to entity viewers. By default it's set to true.

      It's usable if you want to change multiple values of this meta at the same time and want just a single packet being sent: if so, disable notification before your first change and enable it right after the last one: once notification is set to false, we collect all the updates that are being performed, and when it's returned to true we send them all together. An example usage could be found at LivingEntity.refreshActiveHand(boolean, boolean, boolean).

      notifyAboutChanges - if to notify entity viewers about this meta changes.
    • isOnFire

      public boolean isOnFire()
    • setOnFire

      public void setOnFire(boolean value)
    • isSneaking

      public boolean isSneaking()
    • setSneaking

      public void setSneaking(boolean value)
    • isSprinting

      public boolean isSprinting()
    • setSprinting

      public void setSprinting(boolean value)
    • isSwimming

      public boolean isSwimming()
    • setSwimming

      public void setSwimming(boolean value)
    • isInvisible

      public boolean isInvisible()
    • setInvisible

      public void setInvisible(boolean value)
    • isHasGlowingEffect

      public boolean isHasGlowingEffect()
    • setHasGlowingEffect

      public void setHasGlowingEffect(boolean value)
    • isFlyingWithElytra

      public boolean isFlyingWithElytra()
    • setFlyingWithElytra

      public void setFlyingWithElytra(boolean value)
    • getAirTicks

      public int getAirTicks()
    • setAirTicks

      public void setAirTicks(int value)
    • getCustomName

      public Component getCustomName()
    • setCustomName

      public void setCustomName(Component value)
    • isCustomNameVisible

      public boolean isCustomNameVisible()
    • setCustomNameVisible

      public void setCustomNameVisible(boolean value)
    • isSilent

      public boolean isSilent()
    • setSilent

      public void setSilent(boolean value)
    • isHasNoGravity

      public boolean isHasNoGravity()
    • setHasNoGravity

      public void setHasNoGravity(boolean value)
    • getPose

      public Entity.Pose getPose()
    • setPose

      public void setPose(Entity.Pose value)
    • getTickFrozen

      public int getTickFrozen()
    • setTickFrozen

      public void setTickFrozen(int tickFrozen)
    • getMask

      protected byte getMask(int index)
    • setMask

      protected void setMask(int index, byte mask)
    • getMaskBit

      protected boolean getMaskBit(int index, byte bit)
    • setMaskBit

      protected void setMaskBit(int index, byte bit, boolean value)
    • consumeEntity

      protected void consumeEntity(Consumer<Entity> consumer)